The Struggles and challenges of life can sometimes become overwhelming and even routine and daily activities and tasks can become difficult to manage. During these times, the whole world can seem like one stress after another, an uphill climb. Relationships, both personal and professional can quickly begin to suffer, and even unravel. But this feeling of chaos can be overcome.

My 27 years of experience as a therapist enables me to bring a sense of calm, compassion and perspective to a broad range of issues. I view therapy as a collaborative process, where the client and I work to identify the strengths, uncover stumbling blocks and build awareness, insight and understanding. All of this creates a stronger foundation, bringing a renewed sense of balance and direction to daily life.

In my experience, clients sometimes, have an intellectual and or academic understanding of an issue, but often continue to react emotionally, to it. The intellect and the emotions are very different entities. I like to say that the head may get it, but the heart doesn't speak the same language. This disconnect can throw you off balance. The goal of therapy, then, is to develop the skill, in finding that sense of balance, where the head and the heart are listening to each other and working together.