Specific Issues I'm skilled at Helping with

Trauma is an area I specilize in treating. These may be traumas, such as, combat, accidents, and, abuse, or they may come from negative childhood issues, or life events that have left you shaken and, affect, your self concept and self esteem. These negative events, whether current or in the past, can keep you from opening up to those close to you, and inhibit your ability to reach your potential, personally and professionally.
When a traumatic event occurs, our mind tries to resolve the conflict. In some cases, post traumatic stress can occur, when the repeating of the event, through flashbacks and nightmares, will not go away.
Treatment can address symptoms and bring about a better resolution to these conflicts. Awareness and insight can broaden your perspective and guide you to a renewed sense of understanding, energy and purpose.
I use a specific type of therapy when treating someone who is experiencing these kinds of issues, it's called EMDR. I am certified as an EMDR therapist and have been since 2008. This type of psychotherapy has been shown to be successful in treating those who are experiencing trauma. Watch a clip of me discussing EMDR in an interview with the Director of the Phoenixville Health Foundation