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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

About Me


   I have been practicing therapy for over 20 years and have lived in this area all my life. I've worked in a variety of settings ; community agencies and schools and have been in private practice since 1997. Recently, I expanded my practice to include an office, to serve clients, in the Chester Springs area.
    I've had the opportunity to counsel individuals of all ages. These individuals have all been members of families and groups of one kind or another. Family systems are a significant place where I start to help you unravel and identify the roadblocks that are getting in your way.
    Your story, what's going on currently in your life and the journey that has brought you here, are all pieces of your puzzle. Together we can look at these pieces through the lens of family, along with experiences that have shaped, negatively or positively, your sense of stability and security.  I can help you find a pathway to bring a better state of health and balance into focus. 

Education:  B.A. West Chester University, In Psychology, 1979
                                   M.S. Villanova University, in Counseling and Human Relations, 1993

License and Certifications:  
                   National Board for Certified Counselor, 1993
                   Pennsylvania Licensed Counselor, 2002
                   EMDR Certified Therapist, 2008

Professional Memberships:
                     American Counseling Association
                     National Board for Certified Counselors
                     EMDRIA(EMDR International Association)